5 SEO Tips To Help Your Website Rank Higher


Most site owners spend a lot of time and effort boosting the SEO of their websites to help them rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). But, of course, many factors contribute to the SEO rank, like its speed and performance, domain authority, etc. 

The speed and performance of a site depend on a wide range of factors like the choice of the web hosting service, bandwidth, etc. There are various providers offering web hosting in India like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. Out of these, Shared Hosting is one of the most affordable hosting plans in India.

When you choose a hosting plan, it is important to ensure that it offers features that help your site perform optimally and boost its SEO score. Here are five SEO tips to help your website rank higher.

  1.  Choose the right web hosting plan.

Choosing the right web hosting plan is crucial. After all, your website will reside on servers, and your hosting plan will determine what sort of servers and server configurations you end up with. If you opt for a Shared Website Hosting plan, then make sure that you assess your site’s hosting requirements and choose one that helps it perform optimally.

  1. Ensure mobile-friendliness of your site

People are increasingly accessing websites from their mobile devices. However, the resolution of a mobile device and a computer/laptop is different. Hence, you need a website that displays optimally on all kinds of devices. Failure to do so can impact the SEO score of your site.

  1.  Use the right keywords.

While most site owners use keywords while creating their sites, they assume they will automatically rank for the selected keywords. This can be a counterproductive ploy. You must ensure that you monitor if your site is ranking for them or not. If the performance is not on par with your expectations, you might want to focus on some other keywords.

  1. Focus on on-page optimization

On-page optimization or Page SEO is a set of steps you can take on your website to boost its SEO rankings. This includes ensuring an efficient source code, using a unique IP address, uploading non-plagiarized content on your site, having optimized images and videos for the web, using the right meta-tags, etc. In addition, many tools can help point out areas of improvement on the website to improve its SEO ranking.

  1.  Audit your site

Search engines use many factors to assign an SEO rank to a website. As a site owner, you might miss out on some crucial aspects resulting in a lower ranking. Ensure that you use an SEO auditing tool that can help highlight such issues and improve your chances of getting ranked higher.

Here’s a video that has some useful tips: 

Summing Up

Search engines keep changing their algorithms to ensure that miscreants don’t game the system. However, this also means that site owners must constantly work on their websites to keep them relevant and ranking high. The tips mentioned above can help you boost your site’s SEO and improve its chances of ranking higher.