A Career In Agricultural Science: Few Things You Should Know


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If you want to build a career in Agricultural Science, the name of ICAR Hyderabad must be familiar to you. It is one of the most renowned institutions in this field. If you’re interested in this field of study and waiting to apply for Agricultural Sciences Admission, you should know certain details that are relevant to this field. 

What does a food scientist do?

Food scientists make sure that the supply of food does not run out. Food scientists’ main job is to study farming and cultivation techniques so that the quality of the crops, along with its quantity can be improved. They also deal with soil conservation which also ensures that there are sufficient amounts of nutrients present in the soil. They also deal with the process of manufacturing of food products that can be consumed from crops or other animal products. 

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What’s happening in the world of agricultural science?

Agricultural science has, in the past couple of decades, gained more and more attention for a variety of reasons. One of them is the production of ethanol, which is a biofuel. Due to mining or similar other pollution causing agents arable lands get damaged. 

The discipline of agricultural science also deals with treating those damaged lands in such a way that they can be fit for cultivation again. This particular field of study is termed as environmental remediation. The discipline of agricultural science has also been revolutionized by the coming of nanotechnology. Efforts are directed at increasing the amount of food production and pest control. This has resulted in increasing the scope of research and development and invention of newer fertilizers and foodstuffs. 

What you’ll be doing as a food scientist

  • Food scientists also work in the field of processing industries. This is where they focus on storing food in ways that will facilitate subsequent consumption. As a food scientist, you can also work on research that focuses on increasing the amount of nutrition that a certain food product can provide a human body. 
  • Agricultural scientists also focus their attention on inventing newer ways of using crops that are fibrous in nature. Scientists are also focusing their efforts on modifying the seeds in such a way that the quality of crops along with their nutritional benefits can be maximized. Scientists dealing with soil also try to improve soil qualities by altering their composition and other methods. They’re also tasked with protecting the topmost layer of the soil from getting eroded. Topsoil can also get damaged due to natural environmental factors; it is also the duty of soil scientists to protect soil from those damages as well. 
  • If you become an agricultural scientist, you’ll have to work outdoors predominantly. You will be tasked with investigation of techniques pertaining to production. Agricultural scientists are also hired by governments to make sure that the genral food quality can be elevated. They’re also tasked by the governments to increase the quality of farmlands as well.

If you want to work in research or think about Agricultural Sciences Admission, you’ll have to get a master’s degree otherwise, for working in the field of agricultural science, a bachelor’s degree will suffice. Know about ICAR Hyderabador AIEEA UG exam from reliable sources.