Activity to Improve Mind & Body Performance for Studies


As everyone knows that recent pandemic has affected the whole world, not only in the form of a virus, but also as something that destroyed our life’s smooth movement, or as a monster who killed our dreams and future plans. On such an occasion our mind gets in to severe tension and there are chances for people to have bad work efficiency or tendencies to heal themselves. At that movement we must have to aware about the ways to protect our body and mind from such savages.

Did you know that your brains performance and focus would definitely increase for studies and normal life if you regularly take time out for yoga or exercise purpose. As per studies most talented students who won scholarships; were found to have proper exercise routines to keep their mind sharp.

We are right now stuck in our homes or any other places and we are going to consider this period as the time to create a productive mind and body for us. There are a huge number of ways to make this successful. First of all, Yoga is one of the best and better way to achieve it .Over the last few decades, there has been an upsurge in the popularity of yoga. Researches proved that yoga has the ability to heal our spirit by letting our mind in to the freedom that can be figured out in the silence of nature. It is a practice of connecting our body, mind and spirit through different postures, meditation and controlled breathing. It helps us to get rid of depression, regulates the blood impurities and creates a better human being. As beginner to start yoga, there are a lot of apps as well as YouTube channels that allow as to learn it. The founder of yoga, padangali group has a website to learn yoga and other related aspects of it.

The best 10 apps to learn yoga includes:

  1. Yoga studio-An expensive app with an impressive range of asanas and readymade classes. It helps you to start a class as a beginner, intermediate and advanced. The app offer assorted class, each one varying in terms of focus, duration & ability.
  2. Daily yoga-One of the most creative and exhaustive with free and paid extensions. You can try the free 5 sessions then the paid ones. Try various workouts depicted by the instructors in a soothing musical background according to the level of difficulty.
  3. Pocket yoga-27 sessions of yoga available for $3 which is affordable for everyone which allows you to keep up your schedule at your comfort. Place your handset in front of you and allow the apps to guide you.
  4. Universal Breathing-this yoga app is for those who want to unwind, relax and rejuvenate with yoga. The course is progressive and you can graduate yourself after mastering each level over a period of time.
  5. Yogify-One of the best free yoga apps available .You can customize the session with the music of your choice. It allows you to connect other yogis who own yogify. Almost 35 free sessions available then pay about$1.99 for one class.

Other yoga apps include -All in yoga app, iYoga+, simply yoga, Airplane yoga, Yoga for weight loss.

The other way you can focus during these times is about shaping your body. There are a lot of exercises available in different websites as well as in YouTube for maintaining your body weight and make it healthy. Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscular size, it’s about improving your physical health and improve your mind health to get motivated yourself. Most of the people are working from home and it creates an imbalance to their daily routine. To avoid these, exercises is essential.

The apps and websites that help you to do exercises include:

  1. Runtastic- This app includes running, jogging and biking. It does not matter how you train, keeping track of your workouts is essential. This app allows you to set goals, use a built-in GPS to record routines in real time, and even lets you to share your success with friends.
  2. My training workout tracker log- It is app with helpful training videos and a handy calendar feature. You can get training from world class coaches to burn yourselves.
  3. My virtual mission-It helps you to get motivated and to create virtual fitness routine of your dreams. You have to set a goal and this will help you to achieve it.
  4. Couch to 5k runner-Provide you advice and support to work for minimal 15 minutes a day with expert’s advice. If you are seeking for a trainer in your fitness, this app helps you a lot.
  5. Daily workouts fitness trainer- Stack at home, no worries, you can start your exercise by using this app and by getting advices to do workout in your home itself.

Thus you can start a new better life through these activities. Try to make yourself and others happy by you is  the best thing you can do by yourself. Spent more time with your family, spread love and care towards others and try to cop up with the situation in which you are in. Remove stress from you and create the best productive person in you through this lockdown .

Ciya Davis.