After-School – Making Worth Of Their Free Time With Activities



Millions of parents believe the day doesn’t end with a school bell. After the classroom dismissal, there are still a few things in mind that the child should do before the day ends. Even if you have taken your child to the best preschool in Singapore or a local childcare centre, parents often paint other activities as chores that will help keep their child happy, safe and stimulated.

Their free time could be anywhere from watching Netflix movies for kids, reading, writing, painting pictures or playing video games. Sometimes, our children need to chill out or risk burning out. However, they don’t necessarily have to burn off steam to realise that one can do things fruitfully at home. A parent should not need to go overboard apart from their child’s preschool classroom activities. Your child may be out of their preschool or from a local childcare centre in Singapore—and they still have enough energy left.

After-School Activities – Making Their Free Time Worth It

For parents, making hours between school and dinner time can be an uphill challenge every weekday. Some children may have different preferences in how they want to use and spend their time. Some would look for high-energy activities, while others are more reserved and will unwind on their own in their quiet room with their gadget.

One thing parents must know and understand is that after-school activities are not babysitting, but the activities must always thrive with proper parental involvement. Parental involvement helps provide guidance on what children should do and how to act in accordance. Whether they are taking physical activity or bilingual kindergarten, parents must at least put themselves in the line to supervise what their children do and to ensure their safety.

Many children zone out on a screen, and that often doesn’t allow them to have physical exercise or stimulate their minds. It’s vital that parents, at least, enable their children to have an hour dedicated to physical playtime and not video games or TV time. Children must explore their creative aspects as well for their betterment. Their activity should have them expend their energy on creating and thinking outside of the box, regardless of whether you’re taking a preschool, workshop or childcare centre.

On Art-Based Activities


Believe it or not, arts and crafts can be among the best after-school activities your child can do in their free time. Art-based activities, such as arts and crafts, can enhance their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. While not all preschool and childcare centre activities have programmes that gear toward art-based activities, it’s ideal to encourage painting and drawing, which let your child explore their creativity.

One exciting thing about arts and crafts is that it lets them discover what their imaginations can do. Have them paint objects or ask them to draw something. Kids would go outside and explore the environment around them and pick the choices they want to mould or create.

On the other hand, you can always dress up and put on a short play. It encourages participation in imaginative activities and creates a basic narrative for a story. In some cases, a top preschool may provide a decent programme for classroom activities related to arts and crafts.

On Reading Activities



Some children may find reading activities dry and bland. It’s not often surprising to see the common reactions that often pertain to the ‘boringness’ of reading. However, building it as a routine and habit can be one of the most impactful things your child can bear up to their adult life.

For parents, one should read to their children, and it comes for many reasons. The magical benefits of reading may seem to be unnoticeable until your child has become accustomed to this activity. Reading helps expand their vocabulary and enhances their pre literacy skills. It also helps your child increase their academic success and boosts their creativity. Being surrounded by books can make a lot of difference, and your child doesn’t need to be in the top preschoolcentre to awaken their love for learning and reading.

An easy way to encourage your child to read and promote such healthy activity as a routine is to make yourself a role model! Read to and with your child for at least 30 minutes per day. You can keep various reading materials at home based on their interest, be it about science fiction, plants, dinosaurs, etc., you name it! After going home from preschool or childcare centre, have a time dedicated to every reading session. However, be careful not to be too overboard. Otherwise, your child may perceive it as nothing more than a forced chore.

On Physical Activities

Playing movement games or engaging your child in physical activity is another way to keep them in great shape while having a good time! Many children today spend too much time on-screen. They are either playing or watching shows non-stop until bedtime.

Encouraging your child to do exercises and join physical activities can help enhance their sleep, making them less prone to stress and depression. Regular physical activities also improve their physique, making them less vulnerable to various diseases and less at risk of becoming overweight. While almost every preschool and childcare centre encourages physical activities through sports and games, it’s vital that your child develops a habit of it even when not at school.

Parents can find plenty of activities their child can do at home or outdoors to make them ‘move’, such as playing basketball, ice skating, swimming, running, dancing, or bicycling. High-energetic activities and exercises are a must for building healthy habits for kids at an early age.

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