Asian American Admits To Elite Universities


Students who want to study at prestigious universities subject themselves to maintaining an excellent GPA, crafting a compelling application essay, and even searching for potential waysto get into highly selective universities, like looking up Brown acceptance rate.

Elite universities are naturally more selective than others. Theyhavebecome more strict and competitive with admissions over time, prompting students who aspire to be admitted to putting in the extra effort. The increase in competition is fueled by the surge in applications in recent years.

While it might be equally difficult for many students to enter elite universities, it is more arduous for Asian Americans. They face the most demanding standard for admission given the discrimination against the minority group and the cutthroat competition to attend a university of their liking.

AdmissionSight has released a report detailing the number of Asian Americans admitted to elite universities, including the UPenn acceptance rate. According to findings, only a limited number of seats are available for Asian Americans at elite institutions, which comprises 20 to 25% of the student body despite excellent academic records in terms of GPA and SAT scores of any other ethnic groups.

Highly influenced by the Asian culture, Asian Americans view education as a prerequisite to success. It is ingrained in their minds to prioritize studies if they want a bright future. As a result, Asian students tend to perform at a high level in the classroom, with many boasting incredible marks in a rigorous courseload of AP exams, PSATs, and SATs. 

However, Asian Americans are not always admitted to elite institutions even with stellar academic records. They are often rejected as they face discrimination and scrutiny and even penalized with what Harvard call “personality score”.

For Asian Americans, applying at elite universities goes beyond performing at a much higher standard inside and outside the classroom, considering their bar is set significantly higher.

If you want to know more about Asian American admits to elite universities, read this infographic from AdmissionSight.