Best Wooden Toy Doctor Sets For Kids


Your little kid might want to become a doctor someday and is hard at work with their wooden toy doctor set(ชุดคุณหมอของเล่นไม้, which is the term in Thai). Or else that kid of yours is just looking to have a good time with their toys. Either way, you need to buy them a doctor set that is both fun and safe for them. So we have a list of the best wooden doctor kits that are on the market for kids and toddlers.

Doctor’s Suitcase Wooden Toy Set

This toy set has multiple five-star ratings along with an Amazon’s Choice award making it one of the most popular pretend first aid kits that you may want to purchase for your kids. This set has all the rudimentary tools that your kid needs to conduct complete medical checkups. It is also made from non-toxic wood that is also completely safe.

Dr. Maple’s Wood Toy Doctor Kit

This wooden toy doctor set comes with a simple design along with a very attractive color scheme of bold royal blue and white. This is made from natural wood which is completely safe for kids to use. This set also comes with a syringe that is very handy for giving pretend shots along with a sturdy doctor’s case also made of wood.

Doctor’s Medical Play Set

This doctor set might be a bit more expensive than your average kit but quality always comes at a price. With a great set of medical tools and an easy-open bag, this kit is very handy to keep all medical tools of our kid in one place. This set is made from sustainably-sourced rubber wood and is environmentally friendly as well along with the attractive color combination of red and light-blue.

Montessori Doctor Tool Kit

This set is made from a natural poplar tree and is completely handmade. With a very simple design, this kit also has a nice wood surface that is also suitable for painting. Made by DT Wood Design Products, these toys are without any preservatives or other harmful chemicals so that your kids can have a very good time while using them while being completely safe.


Playing doctor is one of the best activities that your kids can engage in. Not only does it allow them to learn through playing experiences but it also is the most fun way to introduce them to medical science. We sincerely hope that our list of wooden toy doctor sets helps them to have all the fun they want while also get more inquisitive about using a real doctor set someday in the future.