Courses To Study Under Delhi University


Delhi University admission time gets many doubts in the minds of candidates while looking for courses. The Delhi University admissions for 2021 are about to begin, so it is essential to collect information about every single thing. Every year several applicants apply for the examination. But if you do not have enough information, it will be difficult for you. In this blog, get to know about the DUET exam and courses that you can study. 

About DEUT exam 

The DUET Exam (Delhi University Entrance Test) is conducted by National Testing Agency for admission in Ph.D., postgraduate, M.Phil, Undergraduate, etc. The online examination takes place on different dates and in various parts of India. Applicants qualifying for the test are called for group discussion and interview. Based on the merit performance, the candidates can enroll in college when Delhi University admissions start. The courses that you can study under this category are: 

M.A. Buddhist Studies  

It is a postgraduate religious study program that comes for two years. It is created to give candidates a broader idea about Buddhist teachings. With that, they can start a successful career in missionary works or academics. The program teaches applicants to think analytically, constructively, etc. After completing the course, you can become an educator in a Buddhist educational institution. 

M.A. East Asian Studies

The subject offers inter-disciplinary doctoral research programs concerning East Asian Studies. It offers a range of language courses at all levels in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Candidates must demonstrate research-level proficiency in any of the languages. 

M.Sc. Fabric & Apparel Science

It is a postgraduate program fashion and interior course, and students can learn fabric service and apparel design. They can learn it through the applications of management principles, the art of design, and the science of chemistry and physics. It is a two-year course, and you can claim a seat only on basis of merit. 

B.Sc (Hon) Electronics

It is an undergraduate program dealing with electrical circuits. The program includes active electrical components and study of Electromagnetic, Analogue Electronics, Optoelectronics, Digital System Design, and Mathematics, etc. It will enhance your skills that require designing electronic, electrical, communication and automation systems. 

B.Sc (Hon) Biological Science

It is a three-year undergraduate program regarding botany, ecology, genetics, environment, biodiversity, and genetics. By enrolling in the course, you can learn about organisms, the study of living organisms, their biological systems, their functions, etc. The main focus is on cell, biochemistry, molecular, reproductive biology, etc. 

B.Sc (Hon) Applied Physical Science (Analytical Chemistry)

It is a Physiology undergraduate course where you will study inanimate natural objects related to astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc. The program improvises your problem-solving and analytical skills in different areas of the Physical Sciences. After completing the course, you can have great career opportunities. 

Prepare for the DUET exam. 

Start your preparation for the DUET Exam so you can take up your favorite course. If you need any help regarding the exam or college available for a particular subject, the best institution can guide you. They can also give information on the programs and the admission details.