How To Apply For HVAC Contractor License


There is a vast demand for climate control systems these days, and the complexity of commercial, industrial, and residential systems has also been increasing. It has posed a massive requirement for skilled HVAC professionals who’ve done hvac training chicago. If a person wants to become an HVAC contractor, he needs to apply for an hvac contractor license.

Although the requirements for contractor licensing may vary from country to country, the training requirement remains the same. This blog post contains all the details that a person may require to become an HVAC professional.

Requirements for HVAC Contractor Licensing

A person can start working as an HVAC contractor when he or she starts performing the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration work, estimating USD 500 on labor and materials.

Steps Required to Obtain an HVAC Contractor License

To obtain an hvac Contractor License, a potential candidate must qualify the following steps:

  • He or she must be at least 18 years of age.
  • He or she must possess an individual taxpayer identification number or a Social Security number.
  • The person need not have a special education requirement to become an HVAC professional.
  • Obtain the work experience of at least four years as a documented journeyman or under a licensed contractor worth USD 500 or less.
  • Appeal for the Original Contractors License C-20 specialty.
  • Provide all the documentation of education and experience as proof.
  • Sit for the licensing exam and pass all the tests.
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Avail of the EPA Section 608 Certification by excelling in the federally mandated examination.
  • Pass all the background checks, including criminal records and fingerprint scanning.
  • Attach the proof of workers’ compensation insurance or dispensation from the necessities.
  • Connect contractor’s surety bond.

Why is it Essential to Obtain an HVAC Contractor License?

The hvac contractor license offers the following benefits:

  • It gives the HVAC professional a competitive edge over the competitors in the market.
  • The license secures the company and its consumers.
  • It showcases the skills and experience of the contractor and serves as a testimonial of his work.
  • The license is mandatory in the eyes of law. This way, the HVAC professional can legally perform the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration work.
  • It helps in augmenting the current earning potential, and the contractor can earn more than usual.
  • The licensed HVAC contractor has the authority to run and advertise his business, get the permits for the building, take commercial liability insurance, bid on private and government projects, and get permits for inspection.


A candidate can either fill up the form offline or online. There are three ways to fill up the form, namely Easy fill, PDF, or Order. He can choose any method according to his convenience. After the filling process is completed, the candidate is required to sit for an exam. After passing the examination successfully, he will be eligible for obtaining the HVAC contractor licensing.

Therefore, HVAC contractor licensing will provide a boost to the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration work. So, stop waiting further and get the license now!