How To Efficiently Study For JC Chemistry



I’d like to say that my two years in JC were the most formative years of my life. It’s a period of conscious self-reflection in which you knock yourself up, then get back up and remind yourself to “just keep swimming.”

It’s also a moment that you delve deep into your books with tremendous passion, only to emerge tired and depleted. I remember because I was there and wished I had learned more. As a wrap-up to my years of controlled studies, I’ve assembled a list of tips that I hope will help you in your JC journey.

Prepare yourself (To Stay Awake)

This might sound evident, but most of you are likely to underestimate the marking system’s influence, which is intended to remove anyone who feels they know the content. Still, they don’t because they’ve been sleeping in or failing 9/10 of the lectures. Get up. Teachers can ask you to practice before lectures, and to be frank, most of us don’t, so STAY AWAKE IN LECTURES IS Perfectly FINE. It’ll surprise you how much of a difference it makes.

Work hard and Finish your tutorials as soon as possible.

You’re still used to memorizing your notes and getting As in high school. Oh, surprise, surprise, it doesn’t work in JC anymore. Notes serve as a base for understanding, and you should turn to them to solidify all of your ideas, but the experience is what can get you such As. As a heads-up, when it comes to A-Levels, please do the 2017 A level papers since they are the only ones from the current syllabus and far the most complicated.

Often, prepare for exams by practising and studying. You may feel they are unimportant and that you should only flunk a few and be perfect, but it is better to pace yourself according to your school’s assessments in the long run.

Another thing to consider is to clear away all questions, tasks, research sessions, and schoolwork as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to get a flood of work.


If you’re struggling to pass or can’t even get through the passing grade, know yourself and get tuition early. In this case, JC chemistry tuition is your way to go. I’m suggesting this because I thought I could do it all on my own at first, but I was misled, and I ended up panicking in the middle of JC2. I’m sorry I didn’t seek aid sooner, assuming it might be a waste of time because, in truth, the right chemistry tutor organizes your thoughts and makes it much easier for you to self-study (especially if your school isn’t providing you with the assistance you require).

A Healthy Learning Environment And Studying Habits

Self-awareness is important. Everyone has different study patterns, such as studying alone, with friends, snacks, writing on paper vs typing on a computer, in the morning/afternoon/night, and so on. Spend the first few months finding out what fits best for you and sticking with it.