Is Pursuing a BBA Degree in India Worth It?


India is a developing country. The expansion of companies is crucial for its economy to prosper. Here, the educational structure has shifted more towards business and management over the last 7 decades. Considering this fact the demand and supply of BBA are increasing every day even amidst the current COVID-19 outbreak that has disrupted the world, there is still a demand for qualified company professional leaders.

What is a BBA Program?

A BBA course is a Bachelor of Business Administration, a management degree course that focuses on analysing organisational and production processes as they pertain to the institutional system of the business. It teaches leadership skills. It produces professionals who can efficiently operate in industries and handle all aspects of an organisation. These professionals can put their comprehensive knowledge of business and commerce acquired throughout their BBA studies to work toward maximising the organisation’s efficiency as a whole.

After 12th, a BBA course in India and abroad is the most prestigious and pursued undergraduate course. This program opens up a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of industries, including government administration, educational industry, banking, finance, marketing, sales, etc.

Who can go for a BBA Program?

Candidates who have completed their 10th and 12th in English medium with an aggregate of 60% and above may apply for a BBA degree in India as well as in foreign universities. Over 500 colleges offer the best BBA course in India.

Key features of a BBA course

  • BBA Course is a well-known undergraduate curriculum
  • Students from all the disciplines—Arts, Science, or Commerce can enrol in the program.
  • A full-time BBA program lasts three years and is broken up into 6 semesters. You also get several five-year combined BBA programs, including BBA+LLB and MBA.
  • You can take admission as per your results secured at the entrance or based on merit
  • You can either pursue a full-time BBA, a part-time BBA program, BBA by correspondence, or an online BBA. The most sought-after option is the full-time BBA Program
  • After clearing Class 12, candidates can enrol in this program

Why should you choose BBA?

A BBA degree in India is the optimal option for candidates who want to pursue their careers in business and management. This course helps in developing management and leadership skills among candidates to lead a successful career in the business and commercial sphere and emerge as global leaders. Here are several justifications for enrolling in a BBA program:

  • Popular course
    A demand for capable leaders or business-minded people will always exist. Every industry in the global economy, from smaller companies to big international companies, employs people in management positions. No matter what your prospective business interests are, post-BBA you will be graduated with the skills necessary to look for these positions.
  • Introduces inner business skills
    A BBA degree helps in gaining business-related knowledge through which you can start your own business. Having your own business has multiple benefits, becoming a stellar entrepreneur requires creativity, ingenuity, and a well-thought-out execution plan. Your entrepreneurial abilities are developed and you can test-launch your thoughts post completing your 3-year BBA program.
  • High Prospects for Salary
    A graduate from BBA typically earns more money than other professionals at any given company. Graduates make an average salary starting at INR. 4.5 lakh regardless they work for the government or private enterprises. Additionally, you may be given a larger wage range depending on the field—finance, accounting, economics, sales, marketing, etc.
  • Various specialisations
    BBA is a vast course that provides numerous specialisation options such as banking, finance, digital marketing, investment banking, healthcare, mass media, management, etc. This means you can choose any specialisation as per your wish.
  • Enlarges professional and academic networks
    Along with receiving guidance from college professors and other top professionals, you also get to network with numerous other candidates who come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds. As a result, both of you will be able to develop and gain knowledge from one another’s experiences. Their encounters and insights may lead to long-term collaborations with several successful endeavours.
  • Establish a professional community
    A BBA degree helps in building a strong professional network which helps in better business opportunities, positions, job prospects, etc.
  • Leadership qualities
    BBA qualification enables you to grow as a leader. You could master business concepts and theories while developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Along with learning about business, you also develop your leadership and motivational skills. Additionally, it teaches effective communication and critical thinking.


Jack Welch once said, “Making short-term decisions while creating long-term strategies is the essence of business and management”. In a survey, 86% of the companies strongly agreed that a BBA graduate is more likely to get success in his/her career. The above reasons clearly explain that a BBA Degree in India is completely worth It. If you are still not sure, you may reach out to Sunstone.

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  • Which type of BBA is best in India?

BBA is a vast and insightful program. You get the option to choose your BBA best course from finance, accounting, economics, banking, sales, marketing, etc. All these specialisation offers detailed learning and the best career prospects in India.

  • Is BBA costly in India?

The best offer comes with a price and the BBA curriculum provides extensive knowledge and business skills which is worth paying for. This 3-year program is moderately affordable and offers, scholarships, rewards, and other monetary benefits. Candidates can also get education loans easily.

  • Which BBA has more scope?

All the BBA courses are equally relevant however, BBA in Computer Applications, International Business, and Finance are more popular.