TEACHERSWAY – Education system in Europe


Funded by the Erasmus+ program, “TeachersWay” is a project to study and then compare the different alternative education systems in six European countries. This project will result in the creation of a toolkit for parents and teachers and a learning Platform. The results will be shared to many institutions and schools and will give tips,recommandations and information about non-formal activities and schools around Europe and more.

Today, how is the education system in France in Italy or in Romania ? , this is one of the questions that will be answered by a consortium of some 20 youth workers and non-formal education specialists from six European countries. During the “TeachersWay – Teaching children different non-formal activities” project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + program.

​The NGO PARAGRAF International France will coordinate this project who will include partnership from EUnoia North-Macedonia , Progetto Marconi Italy , JUC Centras Lithuania, A.T.I.C Romania and NUH Estonia..

This project, which will lead to the creation of educational tools from research carried out in the participating countries and will benefit from promotion by the “marketing group” and including a large target group. It may sometimes include the use of promotional materials like Personalized Pens, T-shirts, face caps and even diaries to further crest home the project’s essence. A website and a YouTube channel are already available. For 28 months, the actors will engage in a large-scale study to first list the different alternative education options available in each of the six countries and then synthesize good practices into a toolkit. This tool will include addresses and technical sheets for parents, teachers, and youth workers… The development of an e-learning platform is also planned, it will offer educational tools for trainers and parents and include “training for trainers” modules. The material will be available for free in the project website : www.teachersway.eu