The future of Textbooks

future of Textbooks

We now live in a world of referencing streaming data. Most corporations, organizations, industry leaders, researchers and professors already maintain their own web pages and their content is changing and getting updated as we speak, being available to the general public immediately. The best content (whether it’s new research finding, news article, stock prices, the world’s current population, rates on Forex, or any other data) is also changing as we speak.

The question is: do we really need to have it re-written, re-published, re-saved, re-printed and re-sold to students and everyone else? It is already there on the web and in most cases – it is FREE. This multitude of references in the format of web links will provide students with on-going access to informational resources always available at their fingertips during and after their studies. We call them LinkiBooks. With LinkiBag account, anyone can save links, add comments, and generate LinkiBooks to share them with students and others across the web. Reading makes you smarter. Keep reading.

The process of moving students in schools and colleges across the country to utilize electronic textbooks and e-resources started long time before COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has brought radical changes to our world and many activities, including school hours, have moved online, teaching and tutoring have entered a new era where information is quicker to share, transport, and apprehend. While we continue moving towards use of eBooks, is the next for eBooks to become LinkiBooks convert to web links to provide students with weblinks pointing to content organically managed best writers and content providers in the world? Jolly phonics student book is a great eBook that children can enjoy reading and learning.

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