Why Python Is Better Than Other Languages


Python has drawn immense popularity and support in the past years. There has been an elevation in the number of programmers using python. Now with many languages doing their rounds, why python?

This article give you a ride through different languages to know why python has an upper hand and is better than any other language.

When you design a website you need a language which makes strong foundation, is easy to code and serves multiple purpose to develop an effective website. What gives python an upper hand over other languages is the fact that it is general purpose language, which makes it a perfect fit for other types of programming and software development besides web development.

Python is often compared with java, Perl, Tcl, C++ etc. these comparisons are made on the basis of language issues such as ease of coding, availability, demand, effectiveness etc. Here, I have listed few reasons to join python training in Chandigarh and became a good python programmer:

Easy to learn and use

As compared to other languages, python has become the first choice for programmers as it is easy to learn and use. It is one of the most accessible language available due to its easy syntax and codes. It can be easily read and comprehended by beginners as well. Whereas coding in java and other languages is a bit technical as compared to the natural language of python.

Hundreds of libraries and frameworks

Python with its hundreds of libraries and frames has made coding extremely simple which other languages lack. These libraries are intended to reduce your labor and save your time.  Python is equipped with pre designed framework which save your time. It also offers many tools to efficiently and quickly develop a website saving you from the extra work. Python has many libraries such as SciPy, matplotib etc.

Speed and versatility

When we talk about speed and versitatlity in a language with any developer one name that’s sure to pop up is python. Amongst the lot, python is effiecient, reliable and much faster. Other than web development python can be used to program any software or application. many gaming consoles believe python to be their best option. Python can be used in any environment, may it be mobile application, desktop application, web development, hardware programming etc. due to its speed and versatility python always floats above others in the race.


Runtime has always been the deciding factor in guessing which language is the best. Python has always proved to be easier and faster in its runtime. Python is a high performance language and helps integrate other languages in its code. It optimizes your speed without forcing you to rewrite your code from scratch.

To conclude, python is a high end easily programmed language whereas other languages are low level implementation languages. Python always finds a higher spot in all terms and is the first choice of any programmer today. If you are a beginner python is the perfect suit for you, it gives you an edge and opens you to various opportunities. With better implementation and ease of analyzing huge sets of data python is characterized as the best fit to design any website or application, as compared to any other language.