Being Fluent In English Can Open Doors To Opportunities


Language should never be a barrier in your path of accomplishment. Your skills in your area of expertise, your IQ, and your determination are the basic parameters to shape your success story. But if you still need to hone your communication skills to match international standards, that can be a setback. So, if we talk about one global language, which is the most widely spoken and used as an official language for international communication, undoubtedly, it is English. It is enough to convince how important it is to aprende inglés and speak it like a professional.

Researchers have proved that people who speak more than two languages have more active brains later in their lives, but among the various languages spoken worldwide, which is close to 6,500 almost, why is more emphasis placed on English? Have you ever wondered about the reason behind this norm? Let’s try to understand them in the following parameters:

  1. Spoken by 53 nations:

It is the official language of many countries; millions of the world’s population speak English. It means once you gain the command of this language, you can communicate and understand the culture of a large portion of the globe.

  1. Boost your career growth:

All international businesses deal in English only, be their foreign/domestic clients or their entire workforce. Half of your career goal is achieved if you have effectively developed the skill to hablar ingles.

  1. It helps you to travel the world:

Most of us do not feel confident to step out of the boundaries of our birth nation because of the fear of adversaries we might encounter. It is simply due to a lower level of understanding of the language, thus making us suffer from an inferiority complex.

  1. It is the language of information:

Any information you come across online, be it science, art, social media, business platforms, leading news portals, etc. Everything is displayed in English, and instead of processing that information indirectly after going through the tedious process of translating, it’s best for your interest that you master the language.

  1. Making you feel confident and updated:

Your ability to connect with people around the world and share your experiences with them will boost your self-esteem and increase the level of confidence within you. Your English speaking audience will look up to you and be interested in knowing more about you.

Many sources are available online to quickly learn how to communicate and express yourself in English. Various organisations offer workshops, crash courses, and boot camp sessions online and offline. Mobile-based applications can be installed free, and you can learn anytime, anywhere. Examples of such apps are Duolingo, Quiz your English, The British council, etc.

Along with these technological approaches, one habit that can develop a significant change in your personality is reading a lot. Not only will it enhance your linguistic ability in English, but it will also empower you with a broad perspective.