Faculty research: Its importance and impact on quality of education


Higher management education is indeed a huge investment, so looking for the right PGDM institute in India takes time, dedication, and patience. In case you haven’t observed, most top PGDM institutes in India tend to highlight faculty research as one of their competitive and most distinguished strengths. But the question that arises here is, why?

From an individual perspective, the benefits of faculty research extend beyond having a notable degree. Knowledge generated by faculty members through research is the foundation of sustainable development, which demands that knowledge be placed at the provision of progress, be turned into applications, and be shared with students to ensure widespread advantages. One PGDM institute in India which understands this is IMI Bhubaneswar.

Other than providing an impressive array of courses, this top PGDM institute in India houses its own faculty research program, through which, up until now, IMI has managed to work on over 220 publications since commencement, successfully producing around 30 different kinds of publications every year. IMI’s high-impact faculty research has also resulted in bagging award-winning case studies, books, journal articles, conference papers, and newspaper articles that are now featured in case repositories across the world.

Right from the start, at IMI B, both the PGDM institute top in India, as well as the faculty members, placed central importance on research with an objective to create and spread knowledge that benefits not only the college and its students but also the industry, society, and government overall. But how are the students able to benefit from the research that faculty undertake? Briefly, the quality of the faculty research interprets the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom.

  • Given the diligence of the research, faculty exploring a particular subject become experts on the matter and further share their insights with students. They are better able to explain why things work the way they function. Getting to learn from faculty who are intellectually, profoundly involved in a specific area is by itself an experience.
  • While conducting research and issuing cases, faculty members often work closely with numerous companies and organizations, both private and government, and get direct access to those at leadership positions. They get a first-hand look at what emerged behind the scenes and under what circumstances difficult decisions were taken. When faculty leverage their own research and cases as teaching aids, it’s only natural that classroom discussions become more insightful and immensely richer, and students are able to reveal nuances that are otherwise not available in the textbooks.
  • Given the nature of faculty research, getting exposure to new and powerful concepts while in a PGDM institute in India, well before peers from other b-schools have access to them, can enable students to have a serious head-start in career-related stuff, like the ability to bring in unique ideas, hit the road running, and overall improved performance at the workplace with a better grasp of new concepts.

In short, studying at a top PGDM institute in India with a trustworthy research foundation not only gives the faculty and students a firm platform to continue learning, but the skills mastered in the due process also provide a significant advantage over others in the real world.