The ACAMS Question Pedia


Are you preparing for the ACAMS Exams? Are you thinking of giving a shot at the ACAMS Exams? Then here is what all in general and total you need to study.

To those who do not have enough information regarding the ACAMS Exams, have a look at this.

ACAMS stands for Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists. And to work in this field, you need to clear the CAMS(Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) Exams.

Now, are you thinking about what questions will be there in the examination? Just don’t worry! Here is a piece of detailed information about the questions.

Before we look at our question format, let’s have a glance at some tips to remember.

  1. Always remember to study smart and not study hard. As you have limited time, getting into the details would become a lengthy task.
  2.  To study smartly, you should be well aware of the paper format and mentally prepared.
  3. You should be in sync with what you will face in the exams.

Now let us have a look at the Question paper format.

  • A brief introduction to the question paper format

Now don’t shuffle yourself between hundreds of mock papers. The exam format is super easy to crack. There are in all 120 multiple-choice questions. And you need to score 75 multiple choice questions correctly to clear your paper. 

  • About the examination format

There are a total of 6 chapters prescribed in your study manual or CAMS Study guide. You have to go thoroughly through the first four chapters. No matter how much you study, you will have to focus on the main subjects in the first four chapters.

  • Large chunks of information to process

It is not the case with all the questions! But there are a few lengthy questions that contain large chunks of information to read and attempt. Such questions aim to confuse the examinee. But sometimes, the question itself contains the answer. You should read such content thoroughly to get your way through. Reading the same question, again and again, will help you join the dots and make way for your answer.

  • The question is your answer.

In some cases, your question is your answer. The Acams Questions sometimes are designed in such a way that it may confuse the examinee at first. But repeated and thorough reading helps you find solutions from the question or hints provided in the question.

  • Multiple answers exist

Sometimes, there is more than one answer to a question. Therefore, you need to identify the multiple answers for a single question. The examiner may provide you with 6-8 choices, amongst which you need to pick the correct ones.

  • No full coverage

Not all the content in your question paper comes from your study manual. Hence to study smart, not all the content is in the study material. You need to make use of your common sense while attempting the paper. You have to solve the question based on your understanding and knowledge to pass the exams.

  • Memory flashcards to rescue

Lengthy content in the study guide or study material makes it a difficult task to memorize the information. Hence to make the reading process a bit easier, memory flashcards come to the rescue. They help you in a better understanding of the concepts. These memory flashcards are provided by the official ACAMS as well.

Where To Study From

You may start preparing for our ACAMS or CAMS exams from the study material available on the official website. You can refer to the CAMS Study Guide for a better understanding of concepts and notes. You may refer to the free trial or the paid versions for mock tests according to your preparation. You can get complete access to the study material on the CAMS Exam Guide webpage. Sign up for free is also available.