Finding An Enrichment Centre in Singapore – 4 Tips Every Parent Must  Consider First


Apart from opting for primary maths or secondary English tuition in Singapore, paying for an enrichment class for your child can be a proper investment for their brighter future. Finding a local enrichment centre is not as difficult as it used to be, provided with the help of the Internet. However, it can be challenging to outsource the best one for your child.

With the number of players providing enrichment class services, it can be a tough job to pick the most suitable for your child. Enhancing their learning beyond the classroom allows for holistic growth and development that will help them become a lifelong learner. Whether you’re looking for primary or preschool enrichment classes, here are some tips to consider for choosing the right enrichment program:

1. Know your child’s interests

Providing the best education and learning enhancement for your child starts with identifying what their interests are first. If you’re looking for an enrichment class that will satiate their learning progress (which will aid them to be lifelong learners), focus on their area of interest. Allow them to explore in classes that will cater and appeal to what intrigues them the most, be it science, writing or maths.

2. Do your own research

If you’re looking for the right enrichment centre in Singapore for your child, you need to know more about the school. They should provide adequate information about their history, curriculum and approach to educating young learners. In that way, you can assess if the enrichment centre is right for your child and your budget. They should also have a pool of well-trained and accredited teachers who will help guide and engage children in the lesson.

3. Assess the environment

The enrichment centre’s learning environment can be a significant factor since it’s where your child will spend plenty of time on a weekly basis. Most parents often overlook the importance of assessing the environment since one can consider the most common issues associated with hygiene and safety. The setting should also be conducive to better learning and accessibility.

4. Meet the teachers

One would need to be updated with the profile of teachers in an enrichment centre since they will be responsible for handling your child while away from home. Thus, it’s also important that you get to know these teachers and ask them a few questions about their qualifications, reliability and experience.

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