Why Should Your Child Enrol in an International Baccalaureate School in Singapore?



 We’re well into the school year by now and we expect our children to thrive in their school activities. Very soon, it will be time to think once again about the kind of education we want to give them. We might check school brochures, shortlist schools, and check out what else they have to offer. We want our children to enrol in the best primary or secondary school in Singapore, so we work hard to ensure this.

If you are a parent, your first course of action is to involve yourself in the process of choosing what schools are worth your child’s time and money. Your children deserve only the best education that Singapore will give them. After all, in today’s day and age, material things or wealth may be a desirable asset, but it is not something your child will rely on in the future. The one thing they will need to survive and thrive is talent, which people may only hone if they practice and develop them. If they have them, they can reach the top of many places. Anyone living in a competitive job market like Singapore understands this the most.

Singaporeans are some of the most highly educated people in the world. But a competitive working environment like Singapore’s may make it difficult for your child to gain the skills they need to stand out. So if you can, enrol your kid in an international baccalaureate school in Singapore. When you give them the world-class education they deserve, they might thrive.

You do not need to look further to know that an international school experience may enrich your child’s world. Here are some things you need to know about the international baccalaureate and international schools in general.

Learning More About International Schools

If you don’t know much about international schools, you should look into them. They are  schools that focus entirely or heavily on an international curriculum and place students in an international environment. For example, a British international school will follow a British school schedule, have a British-style curriculum, and offer subjects from a British perspective. You can also find American international schools, Chinese international schools, Indian international schools, and so on.

If one is looking for a more global perspective, then the international baccalaureate programme can help one enter world-class universities. With IB results in Singapore, almost anyone can adapt to and enter many schools and universities worldwide. It is advisable to consider this track if you want your child to enter an international school.

The International Baccalaureate, headquartered in Switzerland, focuses on giving students four educational programmes for children aged three to nineteen years old. The International Baccalaureate organisation must authorise schools to teach these programmes. This ensures that the standards for this type of international school remain high.

Who Gets to Enrol in an International School?



For a school to be considered an international one, it does not have to follow any strict criteria. There is no true definition of an international school, but you can distinguish international schools by the student body and staff (they tend to be more multicultural and diverse). They also have subjects aimed toward a more global life and emphasise world-class standards and subjects. They might have subjects promoting globalism and emphasising global citizenship.

If all this sounds appealing to you then consider enrolling your child in an international baccalaureate in Singapore. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be permitted to attend an international school, whether at primary or secondary levels. Singaporean citizens are highly encouraged to attend Singaporean schools at every grade level. There is a rule that only foreign expatriates and their children, along with those who have prior international school backgrounds, can go to an international school. If your child fits the bill, you should take the opportunity to send them to one.

Should You Send Your Child to an International Baccalaureate School?

Your child’s education is a vital part of their career and learning path. Whether they go to a local school or an international school, it will matter the most in the long run. Even the best local primary school in Singapore will not be able to help your child if they cannot assimilate to the teaching methods they implement in class.

International schools cater to foreign students and follow foreign curriculums and schedules. If your child comes from a foreign school abroad, international schools may help them assimilate into the local culture much faster. They may also have less of a culture shock. If they transition to a local school, they may have a challenging time adapting if they do not know the local languages or the education system in Singapore. They are much better off learning how to adapt to an environment that allows them to express themselves and their multicultural views.

Here is another perk of studying in an international school. An international school can help them find more opportunities to work abroad. While local Singapore schools are still top-notch and can help students find work in other countries, those who graduate from international baccalaureate programmes in Singapore and other similar institutions will find it easier to adapt to the environments presented abroad. Studies have shown that students are also more likely to be accepted to world-class universities and other institutions abroad. It is the perfect place for your student to shine, especially if you want to present new and exciting opportunities. Do not miss out on sending your child to an international school if you have the opportunity to do so.

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