IELTS fees break down explained


The IELTS exam is one of the most popular exams taken by all candidates who want to look for educational or work opportunities abroad. Students and candidates from the entire country must rigorously prepare themselves for this exam since the level of the test can be extremely challenging. Students will have to sit for various sections in the IELTS examination which include Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills in English.

Since the exam is conducted by a foreign institution, IELTS fees for the exam and additional requirements are levied on all candidates who want to take the examination.  This elaborate exam has been structured in a way that showcases the skills of the candidates. This exam, therefore, requires candidates to understand the fee structure to appear for the exams.

The IELTS Fees Structure

The IELTS exam has a lengthy application process and has a comparatively higher fee than competitive exams in India. Candidates who want to sit for this exam need to pay an IELTS exam fee along with some additional fees as per requirement. Since the amount charged is quite high, candidates need to understand the fee structure and the price breakdowns to know exactly how much they would have to pay for the exam and the certificates. You can learn more at

Here is a brief breakdown of the fee structure and additional charges that candidates might have to pay:

●     Application fee or exam fee

Candidates appearing for the IELTS exam will have to compulsorily pay an IELTS fee. The exam can be taken in both computer and handwritten modes. The present 2021 IELTS fee for both modes is ₹14,700. Candidates appearing for the IELTS Life Skills-A1 and B1 exams will have to pay ₹13,940 as the exam fee or application fee. The fee for the IELTS for UKVI fees in India is currently ₹15,100.

●     The cancellation fees and refunds

Students who want to cancel their exams can do so easily. However, a specific IELTS fee for cancellation is levied on the exam fee which is 25% of the then exam fee. The rest of the amount is refunded back to the candidate’s bank account. However, a refund can only be initiated if the cancellation is done more than five weeks before the exams. No refunds will be initiated for absent candidates as well.

●     Exam Rescheduling fees

The exam dates can be adjusted and rescheduled according to the convenience of the candidates. There are, however, some rescheduling fees that need to be paid if candidates want to postpone taking the exam. However, a prior cancellation needs to be done more than 5 weeks before the first exam date and the new date needs to be set within three months. The Rescheduling fees for the fate change or postponement is currently ₹3,300 which is levied on every rescheduling.

●     Paper Recheck fees

Candidates who have already received their test results but are not satisfied with their marks can request a recheck of the original answer script. The IELTS fee for rechecking either parts of the paper or the entire paper is ₹8,475.

●     TRF Fees

Test Report Form or TRF Fees are special fees that are levied on candidates who want to send their scores to multiple universities and addresses. The tariff chart for TRF fees varies according to the mode of transport selected by the candidates. The tariff chart for each category is mentioned below:

●      Courier

₹1,500 for each address (delivery within 4 days and tracking provided)

●      Airmail

₹250 for each address (delivery in up to 2 weeks and no tracking provided)

●      Paperless soft copy

₹250 for each address. (Only applicable for places that consider downloadable reports and only 5 universities can receive electronic TRF in a month)

IELTS is one of the most important exams that will immensely help candidates in their career building. Whether it is for education or for work purposes, candidates who move abroad absolutely need to take the exam and score well to improve their chances of going to other countries for better opportunities. The exam fees are required to be paid on time and all additional fees need to be cleared so that candidates can give the exam in peace.