Here’s how you can now clear your doubts effortlessly


Having a clear picture of concepts goes a long way towards understanding the subject matter that we are studying. Every subject has a set of concepts that need to be clear in order to proceed further in that subject. Solving our doubts often requires extensive research or in the best case scenario, a tutor or guide to help us understand better.

A thing we took for granted during the pre-covid days is having our teachers,mentors and guides around always ready to answer our questions and solve the doubts that we had. The possibility of having a mentor around regularly is not that much of a certainty today.

Exams like UPSC, MH CET etc all require a comprehensive set of books which provide explanations of required topics and concepts in order to be well equipped for the tests. Books from the National Council of Educational Research and Training or NCERT offer a wide range of topics and information and are considered almost mandatory for such exams. The subject matter involved is quite extensive in nature and thus it is natural to stumble upon a few blocks which seem a little tricky to get over.

This is where Kunduz comes in, Kunduz offers its unique brand of solve and scan technique to help the student solve his/her doubts.

How does it work?
Be it HSC, JEE, MH CET or UPSC ; Kunduz has a well qualified group of experts capable of solving the doubts that a student may have. All the student has to do is upload the image of the particular doubt. This will then be scanned by the respective subject experts and a self written solution to this problem will be provided to the student. Any questions related to any topic in the ncert will be tackled by the Kunduz team of professional experts.

In a post-covid world, this method of doubt clearing and question solving becomes very important for all aspiring students. Getting a written analysis and concept clearing answers from the subject experts themselves will be a huge help for students during their preparations for MH CET or any exam which requires reference from an ncert etc. Guidance is key and Kunduz makes sure that anyone looking for guidance has his/her queries solved in a quick and efficient manner.

In a short space of time like 15-30 mins, a written answer to the question or solved example will be provided to the student. Also on offer are private tutoring sessions where the students can chat with the team of expert teachers to get their doubts solved.

Kunduz also provides extensive question paper banks and practice tests for students giving various exams like MH CET, UPSC etc to attempt and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving in the areas that they lack. The whole ecosystem of Kunduz with its doubt clearing techniques, question banks for HSC and NCERT, etc., private tutoring sessions, and set of practice tests provide an environment where all the questions can be cleared through proper personal guidance and teaching.