5 Benefits of Using NCERT Solutions to Prepare for Entrance Exams


Beginning in Class 10, students who want to be engineers or doctors begin studying for the entrance tests and are constantly looking for more thorough study resources. Several authors have written numerous publications to assist candidates in their preparation for entrance exams. While such books aid in maintaining your resolve and focusing on your objective, it’s equally crucial to study from the books your school has advised. These NCERT textbooks are designed for students in classes nine through twelve.

NCERT books are recommended by CBSE and closely adhere to the curriculum. NCERT answers and study materials. Students can complete all textbook exercises and receive extensive, in-depth explanations. The ideas included in the solutions are helpful when studying for entrance exams, though NCERT solutions are notably helpful during study and revision for the board exams. The advantages of NCERT books and NCERT solutions for national-level competitive exams are listed below.

  1. NCERT books comprehensively cover the curriculum

Since they are thorough and frequently covered, the entire chapter, NCERT books, and NCERT solutions can be relied upon. The syllabus for entrance exams is typically extensive, so NCERT solutions are helpful because they cover the majority of the required chapters and save students from having to consult other books.

  1. NCERT books adhere to the entrance exam syllabus and the CBSE curriculum.

Since most admission tests use the CBSE curriculum, students who have taken the program before have an edge. The problems and answers in the NCERT solutions, which also adhere to the CBSE curriculum, greatly aid pupils in their preparation. Therefore, following NCERT texts and NCERT solutions increases your likelihood of success.

  1. The chapter is thoroughly explained in NCERT books.

NCERT solutions are excellent for learning and understanding ideas and offering comprehensive responses to the textbook exercise questions. The thorough answers cover every chapter and succinctly address even the most challenging topics.

  1. NCERT books offer straightforward explanations for all crucial subjects.

The language in these books is straightforward because they are meant for pupils in classes 9 through 12. The explanation is presented, even though it is detailed. With NCERT books and NCERT solutions, it is simple to learn even the most challenging math and science topics rather than in other books where many unwanted details and irrelevant information are given about many issues outside the students’ curriculum.

  1. Questions in entrance exams frequently resemble those in NCERT textbooks.

Since the curricula for CBSE and NCERT are comparable, students frequently discover that the exam questions are similar to those in the textbooks. As a result, learning from NCERT textbooks for CBSE Classes 11 and 12 can help you comprehend the topics more clearly and perform well on the admission tests. It has been seen many times that the practice questions and examples from the NCERT textbooks have been directly asked in exams like NEET and JEE without even changing the numbers of the problems.