Operating a Daycare From Home vs. Finding Space Somewhere Else


When determining whether to operate a daycare in your home or at a facility far from where you live, there are various factors to consider. To get you started, here are some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of having a home-based childcare business.

The caliber of the caregivers and the types of services you would like to offer will determine whether a home-like environment of a family childcare operator or a school-like atmosphere of a center is better for you.

The location is the significant difference between center-based and at-home daycares. Center-based daycares operate in professional childcare centers rather than the owner’s home, whereas home-based daycares operate in residential settings.

A licensed home daycare is a childcare facility that works out of the provider’s home, whereas a daycare center is a more traditional brick-and-mortar childcare facility. Both types of daycares are common in the United States and provide essential childcare services to families.

Things to Consider Regarding Parental Concerns

Do you require daycare during non-standard hours? Do you only need daycare during regular business hours? Is it possible for you to drop off at 8:30 a.m. and pick up at 4:30 p.m.? If any of these are the case, childcare facilities may be a viable choice. If not, and you want more wiggle room and flexibility, home daycares typically provide longer hours. Some home daycares may be open 12 hours a day and offer weekend and overnight care for greater childcare flexibility.

Is learning to use toilets a problem? As previously stated, certain childcare facilities might have a toilet training protocol in place. If your child has not yet been potty trained, look for a daycare where this will not be an issue. That daycare might be a home daycare with an accommodating caregiver willing and able to help with toilet training.

What is the state of your finances? Childcare costs vary widely by state and locale, but for budgeting purposes, we may use a national average to obtain a ballpark amount. Calculating these amounts might help you determine what kind of care you can afford.

Comparing the Two Possibilities

Home Daycare Services

    • Smaller Classes: A typical at-home daycare contains between one and three caregivers for around a dozen children. This allows youngsters to spend more time bonding with their caregivers and grow in a caring environment with more personalized attention.
    • Atmosphere: Home-based daycares may appear more comfortable to your children due to smaller class numbers and the realization that the facility is in someone’s home. If your children are bashful or timid, this may assist them in coming out of their shells more quickly.
    • Flexibility: Working at a home-based daycare isn’t necessarily a nine-to-five job. Because they are smaller, home-based daycare businesses may be able to accommodate a more demanding schedule for parents who have to work late shifts or overtime.
    • Fewer Germs: As there are fewer children, there are fewer germs. Children, while they are young, will try everything and become constantly unwell. While this technique is vital for the development of a healthy immune system, it causes anxiety in both children and parents. Sending your child to a home-based daycare limits their contact with a bacterial hotspot.

Daycare Facilities

  • Caregiver education and training may be higher (but this is not always the case).
  • A more regimented routine and a school-like atmosphere
  • Opportunities for social and emotional growth with additional children
  • Teachers and substitute teachers are available, so if a caregiver falls ill, some children will still be allowed to go to school.
  • Improved entry security and maybe in-class recording

Whether you want to childproof your house or look for daycare centers for sale, operating a childcare facility will bring you wealth and joy–especially if you are both trained and enjoy dealing with children. Celebree has made it easier than ever to open a childcare center. For over 30 years, Celebree has been supporting the construction of daycares and offering assistance to owners who want to jumpstart their future as business owners, community members, and educators of the children in their life.