What type of curriculum is Montessori?


What is a Montessori school? Well, it is a philosophy that says that children are children, and that their basic needs should be met at a young age. It is based upon the belief that children develop at their own pace and that the social development should come from the parents rather than the teacher. This is a very unique philosophy in that many people believe that homeschooling is not giving your child the same type of experience as a traditional school student.

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What are some of the advantages of home schooling that you should consider? The main benefit of home schooling is that you can meet the needs of your child without worrying about the financial situation. With the high cost of private school tuition, it can become very expensive. By teaching your child at home you will be able to save hundreds of dollars each year. You can also choose a program that is right for your child’s specific learning style.

There are many ways to teach a child at home. You can take classes on cooking, foreign languages, art, reading, science, math or history. You can teach your child how to read at an early age and encourage them to develop a love for the written word. By doing this you are developing a foundation of knowledge that will be useful to them when they start attending public school. Another advantage of home schooling is that you can better prepare your child for the college process.

In addition to teaching your child at home, you can involve him or her in many other activities. Montessori homeschooling programs often incorporate sports, drama clubs, musicals and extracurricular activities. Your child will have a wide range of opportunities to interact with others and will develop much greater self-awareness and social skills. They will be ready for the different learning environments that the average classroom provides.

A Montessori educational environment encourages children to learn by engaging them in real life problems and challenges. This type of learning is very interactive and involves your child’s natural curiosity and imagination. Children learn through problem solving and trial and error. They enjoy drawing, writing and painting as well as participating in natural outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or nature watching.

In order to help you determine what type of curriculum is best suited for your child you should do some research. There are many great Montessori schools online. Find the one that is most appropriate for the age and temperament of your child. It is important that you provide your child with an education that is highly stimulating and that takes into account all the important senses. Remember that even though Montessori schooling is a bit different than regular school, it is still an education and should be considered an education.