How to Rewrite a Quote?


The act of paraphrasing must include an appropriate quote. The first thing you should do is determine the context where the text is developed (understand the objective it is pursuing and for whom it is directed). With this in mind, we will summarize the technique in 4 easy steps.

Makes a general reading of the text

You must understand that there are simple readings and other more complex ones. Depending on the complexity, it is advisable to read and reread the paragraph at least three times, focusing mainly on the verbs.

Make a selection of main ideas

When making a paraphrase, it is important that you know which the main idea is and which the secondary ones are, to respect the order of what you are going to substitute and what could be ignored.

Underline words

When you do not understand a word or a phrase, it is important that you identify it. It is best to bold the lines and highlight with yellow, so you then look for the meaning of the word and see if you can replace it with a more intelligible synonym. Underlining is a very useful study technique that allows you to differentiate one important word from the rest.

Restructuring the paragraph

After having broken down the text and having determined which words you will use to give a particular focus to your paraphrase, you need to rebuild the paragraph. Now what you do is write the explanation of the text in your words without omitting the essentials.

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Paraphrase a source or quote

Paraphrasing is an alternative to quotes, in which someone’s exact words are copied and placed in quotation marks. In academic writing, it is usually better to paraphrase rather than quote, because it shows that the source has been understood and makes the work more original. Every time you paraphrase, it is important to cite the source. You also have to be careful not to use wording that is too similar to the original. Otherwise, you could run the risk of committing plagiarism.

  • Read the passage several times to fully understand the meaning.

  • Write down the key concepts.

  • Write a version of the text without looking at the original.

  • Compare the paraphrased text with the original passage and make minor adjustments to phrases that are still too similar.

  • Cite the source from which the idea was extracted.

Note –

Do not use qualifying or superlative adjectives that do not appear in the text, as they could divert its essential focus. Be as objective as possible. You are only interpreting the text. You cannot add things to it that do not appear. It would be better if you use online rewriting tool, which is reliable. After rephrasing the content, don’t forget to read it once or twice before publishing, as it is important for your site ranking, because “CONTENT IS KING”.