Top Tips for Helping Your Child Prepare for School Exams


Exams play a huge part of a child’s life and are as equally nerve wracking. Both for parents and children. We have teamed up with an independent College in London to share a few ways that you can help to prepare your child for school exams. 

Past Exam Papers

Practice makes perfect and past exam papers can help your child to do exactly that. They can help them to get to grips with exam structure, practice time management and better yet, get a heads up on questions that will appear in their exams.

Examiner’s Reports

There’s no better way to prepare for an exam than to learn from the examiners themselves. In an examiner’s report, examiners feedback on exam performance, key mistakes that tend to be made and provide exemplar answers. These can guide children on how to answer exam questions and give an idea of what to avoid.

Healthy Habits

While every bit of study is crucial during exam season, having balance is just as important. Studying and cramming till the last minute spells a recipe for disaster and burnout. To help your child in preparation for their exams, ensure that they are not up at all hours revising and are getting enough sleep. This will help to make sure that they can retain information on their study sessions and are alert when the time comes.

Time to Play

Down time to socialise and play can also help children to keep that balance and avoid burning out. Time outdoors can even help your child by offering inspiration and ideas. To strike the perfect balance you can help your child to create a study timetable to work around.

Mental Health

It’s fair to say that exams are tough on everyone, especially as there’s a mounting pressure on children to perform well. To help your child, engage with them to see how they’re getting on with revision and feeling in themselves. By doing so, you can relieve some of their pressure and offer tactical solutions to help.

A Balanced Diet

Our diet has a huge impact on how we feel and how productive we are. A healthy and balanced diet can help them to feel full, satisfied and energised without experiencing a crash in mood and feeling lethargic. Water will also help to keep them hydrated and energised throughout the day.