Tips And Tricks to Teach English Better


All around the world, there are so many languages and people speak different languages in different places. But English is one common language, spoken or used almost everywhere, in every country. English being the most spoken language throughout the world, you can learn it easily by taking English Lessons in Bangkok.

Why Do You Need to Learn English?

The reason why one should learn the English language could vary with context. This indirectly means that there are many contexts and uses for the English language if you decide to learn it. This itself forms the predominant reason for learning English.

Apart from being the most popular and spoken language worldwide, English is the official language. Besides, English is the universal language. These are the added reasons for investing your time in taking English lessons.

Tips for English learners

When you are learning the English language either in an informal setting like self-taught or from social media videos or formally by taking lessons from tutors or an online course, you can do the following things to make your learning experience better and faster.

  • Learn the basics more thoroughly. Spend more time to learn the basic concepts with a greater understanding.
  • The basic sounds, words, and sentence structures are the building blocks of the language.
  • Keep a dedicated notebook and meticulously note down all that you learn newly.
  • Periodically revive the things you learned because you have a greater chance of remembering them when you revise and recall.
  • After learning, if you never revise, your brain’s retention power is very less. This is the price you pay if you do not revise your lessons.
  • Make time to read more books or magazines in English.
  • Ask your tutor or find out from trusted sources what would be the relevant and reading suggestions for your learning level.
  • Reading might be of no value if you read something much less than your level. If you read something way above your English levels, you could be confused or baffled.
  • When you read, always keep an English dictionary by your side. When you come across unfamiliar words, immediately look them up in the dictionary and note them down.
  • While you learn extra words, always learn them along with their usage.

Apart from the above tips, there is something that you need to understand. Learning words, English grammatical sentence structures alone are not enough. You should keep your eyes open for the occurrence of these words, understand the way it is used and the usage of these structures and the meaning derived. Therefore, encourage your students to break down the sentences and analyze them and understand the meanings.

So, when you teach English to your students you can share the above tips and tricks and ask them to put their best efforts to learn English.When people take up English Lessons in Bangkok and get formal education and certification in English, their opportunities are unlimited. They will never be short of money or a job vacancy. So, pick the best English tutor who has experience in providing the best results and learn the language from them easily.