The simple Comparison of PSPO vs. CSPO certification



  1. pspo vs cspo certification is obtainable via Scrum Alliance
  2. CSPO has persevering with training credit score necessities each 3 years and is renewable.


  1. PSPO is obtainable via
  2. PSPO by no means needs to be renewed.

Renewal of CSPO and PSPO Certifications

  1. PSPO – As soon as earned, credential does now no longer expire and does now no longer require renewal.
  2. CSPO – as soon as earned, credential legitimate for 2 years. Starting Feb 2019, renewal might require 20 Scrum academic units (earned in ultimate 2 years only) and a renewal price of USD 100.

The verdict:

The principal intention of the CSPO certification is to recognize the running of Scrum and the function of the Product Owner gambling in a Scrum team. While the goal of the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) certification is to increase stable information of the Product Owner to maximize the fee of the software program merchandise and systems.

PSPO has a degree of problem related to it. The matters which I like approximately PSPO certification is that the certification does now no longer obligatory require you to wait an in-individual workshop. You can put together all to your very own and immediately continue to the examination. Also, PSPO has life-time validity. As soon as acquired, no want to resume the certificate.

To examine the fee of any certification we want to consider:

How expertise or competency in a topic is evaluated with the aid of using the certification evaluation

  • How rigorous is the evaluation process
  • The price concerned with reaching the certification
  • The validity of the certification

But earlier than you’re making up a selection on whether or not to pursue the CSPO or PSPO, bear in mind that even as incomes certifications is the excellent manner to get observed with the aid of using capacity recruiters, get your competencies encouraged and reveal your willingness and dedication to self-improvement, it’s also crucial to show your really well worth for your employers with the aid of using being productive, assured and self- reliant.


  • PSPO – Membership of and the club do now no longer expire
  • CSPO – 2 Year Membership with Scrum Alliance. You are eligible to sign up for neighborhood consumer agencies and social networks, experience reductions on international events, look for careers on our on-line task board, and more.

Other benefits

  • PSPO: Once you get certified, your call could be indexed on
  • CSPO: Once you obtain the credential, your call is indexed on Scrum Alliance portal.