Five ways to learn Maths with NCERT Solutions



Mathematics is a difficult subject. For some students, it is challenging, while for others, it is elementary. However, it could get tough as the subjects become more advanced and hard. Many students need to work harder and practice even for longer hours to find their grip on the subject. Mathematics benefits students who aspire to pursue engineering or be a statistician in the future. 

NCERT solutions for class 12 maths help students prepare seemingly impeccably and strategically. The CBSE broad has divided the curriculum into terms- Term 1 and term 2. The NCERT books are recommended for various competitive examinations such as IIT, NEET etc. The content of the textbook is written in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. 

The students should follow the below strategies while referring to NCERT Solutions for class 12 maths

  • Know your syllabus

The premise of your timetable depends upon the syllabus. Before starting your syllabus, it is essential to know the NCERT syllabus. Once the student sees the syllabus, he can begin preparing for the examination in an organized manner. The student should first start completing the syllabus from the NCERT book and then begin solving the exercise from the same book. 

  • Get acquainted with the exam pattern.

Each question in mathematics has a different weightage. NCERT Solutions for class 12 maths have the weightage for every question. It helps the student decide how much time he should dedicate to a different chapter of maths.

  • Make a schedule, make a study timetable.

Mathematics is an application based subject. The student should be well-versed with the subject. The most important thing while learning maths is that the student should know when and where to use them. The student should create a timetable that matches the requirements of the exam preparation. If the student is finding any chapter difficult, he should allot more time to that chapter.

The student should also make a group and study with their friends. Once the student completes a chapter, he should explain it to his friends. This way, even he will be able to clarify his own doubts. The students should get input from each other.

  • Practice and revise

Practice indeed makes a student perfect. The student should solve exercise and adjust the time for each math questions. He should at least practice for 3-4 times to get more confidence before the final board examination. The student should also work on his speed and focus on improving his accuracy. NCERT Solutions for class 12 maths help the student for better preparation. The student should also practice a lot and then he will get to improve himself. He should also solve a lot of question papers, sample papers and previous year question papers

  • Written down the steps properly

NCERT Solutions for class 12 maths have a separate section of bifurcation of all the steps. The student should make should that he writes down all the steps properly and work on his speed. 

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