Why You Should Consider Becoming a Sterile Processing Technician


Medical institutions need to be thorough with their cleanliness to protect millions of people daily. From the hallways to the examination rooms, hospitals and other healthcare firms must ensure that everything is clean, and that patients, visitors, and staff will not be exposed to various microorganisms. This is especially vital on different equipment used for operations, as uncleaned tools can cause more harm to the individual being treated.

This is why the demand for sterile processing technicians is at an all-time high. More and more healthcare facilities are looking for specialists that can carefully clean surgery and other reusable health equipment to prevent infection the next time it is used. A career as a sterile processing technician is an excellent choice for those looking for upward mobility in the healthcare field.

A sterile processing technician’s training can take about four to nine months. Training in a CRCST School is usually hands-on, with practice and trial-and-error. You will also work as an intern in a clinic and gain experience before graduating. You’ll travel throughout the day to collect the dirty equipment and spend several hours every day inspecting, disinfecting, and maintaining it before delivering them to the department that needs them.

One of the prime advantages of becoming a sterile processing technician is the flexibility in your work. The position requires much independence. You’re expected to perform tasks without direct supervision, which means that you’ll need to be able to problem-solve quickly. You’ll also need a positive attitude to deal with the medical staff’s frustrations.

Apart from this, being a sterile processing technician also provides countless limitless opportunities for those who want to advance their careers down the road. The technicians can be a supervisor over time or venture out and build a career in other medical-related jobs. In addition, the medical field is a steady industry with the number of patients constantly increasing. Being a sterile processing technician is a stable job, allowing you to help people and have a consistent line of work at the same time.

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