Complete Guide to Become an Ophthalmologist  



Ophthalmology is the specialization of diseases and disorders related to the eyes. As an Ophthalmologist, a medical practitioner will get the opportunity to be at the forefront of patient service. From diagnosis to experiences related to curing diseases, an Ophthalmologist is involved in all.

To become a top Ophthalmologist, a medical student needs to

  • Complete the undergraduate medical course- MBBS with an impressive Grade Point Advantage (GPA)
  • Have a post-graduation degree – MD in Ophthalmology
  • Have a competitive score for seeking admission to medical colleges for UG and PG
  • Have a minimum of 4 + 2 years of experience in studying in an accredited medical school
  • Completing internship and/or experience of working as a house-staff

Meeting these criteria only paves the way for becoming an Ophthalmologist, but becoming a renowned Ophthalmologist depends on the knowledge and skills of a medical student. Skills and knowledge, however, are acquired over time, and not gained immediately or through a particular study guide or book. From the time a future doctor enrolls for the four-year MBBS course, to preparing for MD entrance, and finally doing master’s and acquiring the MD degree in Ophthalmology, a medical student needs to possess clarity in concepts. They have to have extensive knowledge of practical implications of diseases and disorders of the eyes, and the extensive glossary of drugs, updated machinery, techniques, and practices related to diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of the eyes.

Ophthalmology MD is, however not the final stage of becoming an Ophthalmologist. Medical students who wish to pursue a career in health centers, NGOs, the Indian army, or health research labs, can opt for further training or education like PH.D. that are related to the Ophthalmology entrance exam for the state or provincial service commission. An Ophthalmologist can also choose to become a medical consultant, lecturer or professor, specialist of eye products, or a senior ENT consultant. Once a medical student successfully secures 55% marks or the cutoff marks limit in the MD entrance exam, he or she can choose a specialized subject in Ophthalmology. A few Ophthalmology specializations are – Applied Basic Sciences, Clinical Ophthalmology with Refraction, Clinical Ophthalmology and Surgical Procedures, Recent Advances in Therapeutic Procedures, and Community Ophthalmology with scopes for Rehabilitation.

Online Ophthalmology courses are immensely helpful for an aspiring Ophthalmologist. Anatomy, function, and diseases are taught in a similar fashion as classroom teachings. Most common problems of the eye like – glaucoma, iritis, chemical burns of the eye, eyebrow, and cheek, trauma of the eye, tumours in the eye, crossed eyes, retinopathy, optic neuritis, etc. along with rare disorders of the eye are discussed in great details as part of online Ophthalmology courses. For completing the Ophthalmology MD course, a medical student needs to have certain suitability traits. Good administrative skills, sound knowledge of maths and physics, readiness to get special training related to eye care, and prowess in mastering aspects and concepts learned –make a medical student suitable for Ophthalmology MD.

An online Ophthalmology MD course is preferred by aspiring Ophthalmologists for multiple reasons. Since every chapter of Ophthalmology specialization is important, a student gets additional support in the form of an online course where they can reap the benefits of video lectures. The lectures can be played at any convenient hour, at any place. Thus, a student can learn from such video lectures during a commute, at the library, at home, or a friend’s place. It helps the student to learn Ophthalmology at his or her own pace. These learnings help an Ophthalmologist throughout their professional career. However, to reap all the benefits of an online Ophthalmology MD Coursea medical student must subscribe to the best online course that has enriched, quality content that can help brush up your knowledge and enhance skills.

There are a few platforms for medical learning that offer top-grade online MD Ophthalmology courses. With the help of rich, detailed illustrations of the different parts of the eye, life-like models, clear insights into surgical procedures, practical tips for a wide variety of surgical situations, and above all guidance by India’s most sought-after faculty who are themselves renowned Ophthalmologists with years of experience, an online Ophthalmology course like Ophthalmology MD by N. VenkateshPrajna helps a student in gaining greater confidence and knowledge in the long run. Through chat shows, medical students can get clarity on chapters or concepts that they find difficult to understand or comprehend.

In-depth knowledge with mastery over necessary skills in theory and practical thus helps an Ophthalmologist to manage patients in a better way. A top Ophthalmologist’s contributions are always recognized and appreciated across the medical horizon, it is not unusual for a top Ophthalmologist to establish an international network and meet celebrated colleagues that will take the progress of the Ophthalmologist further.