5 Things to Consider When Choosing a School for Your Child


School has the biggest influence on a child’s life and academic achievement. It forms the first community that your child will be a part of and is where they will pick up many norms and values outside of the home. To help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a school for your child, we have teamed up with a boys’ school in St Albans to share a list of 5 things that you should consider.

Strong School Results

Test results are a fairly good indicator when it comes to deciding on a school for your little one. They allow you to see how well a school is at equipping children to meet national standards and how consistent they are at doing so.

Your Child’s Verdict

Stats are great for cross comparison purposes but what matters most of all is your child and where they feel the most happy and comfortable. Taking your child to open days can help them to get a feel of a new school, allowing them to be the judge. This can help make their transition much smoother and allow them to perform at their best.

School Focus 

Schools tend to also have their own special focus whether that be science or learning an additional language. This is worth considering as a parent if your child is overly interested in STEM or displays a particular talent to ensure that they get the best support possible.

School Resources and Support

Children with special educational needs require differing resources and levels of support to flourish and succeed. Some schools are better prepared than others at doing this which is why we recommend going to speak to the teachers themselves to learn more about their approach. Details on this can also be found on OFSTED reports.

Extracurricular Activities

Time spent outside of study is just as equally important as it’s during this time that your child will explore different interests and form their own identity. Schools that run a range of extracurricular activities are better equipped at doing this. They also offer working parents the support that they need between school drop offs and pick-ups at the end of the day, saving the hassle of arranging childcare. 

Changing Your Mind

If after researching and applying for the ideal school you happen to change your mind, don’t worry – all is not lost. Transfers and appeals are possible so that you can move your child to a school that is better suited to their needs.