How to Raise a Science Lover


Science is one of the most important subjects in the English curriculum. It teaches children about the world around them, helps to tackle global challenges and improves the quality of our lives. We have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to share 5 ways that you can raise a science lover.

A Nature Retreat

Spending time in nature can be eye-opening for both adults and children. There are so many fascinating things out in the wild from different species to plant populations. It can really help to get your child into science via biology and biodiversity.

Prompt Questions

Science is a subject for the curious and prompting your child to ask questions can help them to explore this side of them and think inquisitively. You can begin the process by asking questions during play. Questions like what would happen if you were to remove a building block or mix two paint colours together. Children are naturally curious and explorative and being receptive to their questions can help you to raise a science lover.

Experiment at Home

The allure of science has got to be its experiments. They offer an experiential form of learning that’s fun and exciting for kids. You don’t need very many resources either to conduct your own home experiments. All you really need is water. It can be used to teach children about the plant life cycle by giving them the opportunity to water and raise a plant of their own and the movement of particles when cooking.

Explore Its Role in Modern Life

Without science we wouldn’t have had so many great discoveries and inventions like treatments and medications that have saved millions of lives. In fact, without the help of science over the last few years, the world would have been a very different place. Exploring this with your child can help to renew their interest in science and help them to develop a deeper appreciation. 

Science Shows

TV shows and documentaries are another way that you can get your child into science. Shows such as Sid the Science Kid and others will have your child engaged for hours while they expand on their knowledge of science.

The Solar System

The solar system really puts the knowledge that we have into perspective. It allows us to see how small we are in relation to the far stretching universe and how much we still have to learn.