12 Tips to Make Your CISSP Exam Preparation Rock Solid.


Are you preparing to take the CISSP exam? If so, you’re in for a challenge. The CISSP is one of the most difficult security certifications to obtain, and it’s no wonder – the exam covers a wide range of topics. But don’t worry – we’re here to help! In this blog post, we will provide 12 tips for CISSP exam preparation that will help you ace the test. Let’s get started!

Tip Number 1: Make sure you have enough time to study.

Time is the most crucial element when you want to appear for the CISSP exam. First of all, you need time to go through the whole syllabus and you can do that by easily studying through a CISSP Study Guide. Then you will need time to go through recent Cyber Security trends. It is after that the real preparation starts which includes preparing notes, taking mock exams, and video lectures. Therefore, plenty of time (around 6 months or so) is required if you are in real business.

Tip Number 2: Get your hands on a CISSP Study Guide.

A CISSP Study Guide is an essential tool for exam preparation. It will help you to understand the concepts covered in the syllabus and give you a roadmap for how to study. There are many different guides available, so choose one that best suits your needs.

Tip Number 3: Engage in CISSP Study Group.

If you have a group of friends or colleagues who are also preparing for the exam, it is advisable to join them and study together as this will increase your chances of passing with flying colors. In fact, if possible, create a WhatsApp group where everyone can share their questions/doubts and then get them resolved by the group members. This way everyone will benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience while at the same time helping themselves to pass through with ease.

Tip Number 4: Follow a study schedule.

The CISSP exam is very difficult, so you need to make sure that your studying is systematic and organized if you want any chance of passing. One way to do this is to create a study schedule and stick to it. This will help you to make the most efficient use of your time and ensure that you cover all the topics required for the exam.

Tip Number 5: Use video lectures for CISSP Exam Preparation.

If you want an in-depth understanding of the topics covered in the CISSP exam, then it is recommended to watch video lectures. You can easily find these on YouTube or other platforms that provide free access for educational purposes such as Coursera and Udemy.

Tip Number 6: Take practice exams.

Taking a practice test is an important step in preparing for any certification exam whether it is CompTIA’s SY0-601 exam or ISC2’s CISSP you will most certainly need to practice. In this regard, nothing can be a better practice material than the CISSP Exam Dumps. The exam dumps are real exam questions from past exams that you can use to practice for your upcoming exams. However, make sure that you buy PDF exam dumps and not some mumbo jumbo interactive questions that cost an extra $100+ for software to run the CVE file. Simply buy the CISSP Exam Dumps PDF from Cert Empire as you can later print them or store them on any device. Make sure that you buy the latest version as the exam questions are based on trends that shift quite fast.

Tip Number 7: Read books on Cyber Security.

This is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to CISSP exam preparation because we get so used to doing everything through a smartphone that even if someone suggests reading a book, the first reaction would be “Why not find an app for that?” Well, there are many apps but they do not give you the satisfaction that you get when you read an entire book. The best books for CISSP exam are “CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide, Sixth Edition” and “The Official (ISC)² Guide to the CISSP CBK, Third Edition”.

Tip Number Eight: Take care of your health.

Yes, this is the most important tip from all other tips mentioned above. You will need to take care of your health as nothing can be more important than that. Make sure that you get enough sleep and eat properly during exam preparation time otherwise, it would become difficult for you to concentrate on your studies and achieve success in life.

Tip Number Nine: Do not panic if you fail the first time.

You will most certainly fail the CISSP exam and it is normal to feel depressed after that, however, do not lose hope as many other people have passed this test with flying colors on their second try so can you too! The best approach in such situations would be to take a break from everything related to cyber security and enjoy other things in life such as spending time with family or friends. After a few days when you feel ready, then you can start over again by revising all the topics that were covered during your preparation period while at the same time focusing on those areas where there was weakness identified previously.

Tip Number Ten: Do not focus on a single area only.

Some people tend to focus too much on one particular topic such as Risk Assessment, Cryptography, etc., and ignore others which eventually leads them towards failure at the time of examination because it is mandatory for you to prepare all topics equally if success is what you are looking for in life!

Tip Number Eleven: Purchase CISSP CBK Training Course.

This is an excellent investment that you can make if you want to achieve success in the CISSP exam. The best part about these courses is that they are not just limited to video lectures or reading material but also provides a number of practice tests that help students get used to the real exam.

Tip Number Twelve: Have a preparation plan for exam day.

This is the last and most important tip that you should consider if you want to ace the CISSP exam. Make sure that you have a plan for the day of the examination so that you can use your time in the best possible way without wasting any moment.

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