Edtech – A Sector That Has Integrated Technology & Education


The Edtech sector can be described as a sector that provides technological solutions and services that have redefined the traditional way of learning, teaching, and educating.

The Edtech platforms have become an app for bank exams, and also for various other competitive exams like UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), HTET (Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test), DSSSB (Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board)

There are apps like Byju’s & gradeup that provide E-books and study materials which makes it easy for students to learn and also to access these study materials.  There are a lot of E-learning apps that also help students to prepare quantitative aptitude tests with the help of various mock tests and also share journals and articles that help students with their knowledge of the relevant subjects & exams.

Unlike the conventional way of learning, mobile applications are available 24*7  so students can learn and solve their queries and questions whenever they want. The app is specially designed for young students, it is much more user friendly and they can operate it without much effort.

Most of these E-learning apps have features that parents can use to keep a track of their child’s progress and figure out a way to improve their performance if there is any room for improvement.  It is not just about the children, but other stakeholders like the parents and teachers who might not be familiar with technology and such user-friendly platforms can help all the stakeholders to take advantage of the apps.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, online learning has become the new normal and it has helped everyone to explore a completely new option of learning, that is virtual learning. It has given us a chance to figure out the advantages and challenges of virtual learning.
The pandemic has been a driving force in the rise of these ed-tech platforms.

These apps use different software to make the recorded lectures interactive and interesting. The ed-tech platforms have equalized standards in education, making knowledge and learning accessible for everyone.

The apps have been virtually reaching almost every child around the world through smart online classes and live simulation lessons, and EdTechs has emerged as an entity that connects everyone.

Even considering current affairs, these apps help learners to pick up what’s happening around the world, eventually helping them match up the pace.

Right from online lectures to online guidance to online study material, every aspect of learning and education has become virtual. Ed-tech is still in the early stages of development, though it shows promising growth in the future. Policy changes in future may integrate more. Today education is not solely about mugging up. It’s much more about innovative learning and excelling in the capabilities and skills. It’s true that career building is difficult today, but with the tech solutions, there are no goals that the students can’t achieve.