Why do you need to educate a girl child?


Education is the key to survive through the hardships of the world and definitely in this modern world filled with technology at least a basic education is a must. Every human needs education for basic knowledge that is what everybody has to believe but not everyone does that. In a diverse country of ours still, gender inequality is bound to many families which makes them deny women education. Not many parents and families are on the bright side to educate a female child and their finances never support so for it. 

But beyond those common reasons, several reasons neatly say why a girl child must be educated? Women who were already educated might be experiencing the benefits of education and must muster the courage in families that deny that. 


The main reason to educate girl children is that they can take care of their life and career in their own hands. Once you educate women, they just study they create a career, earn and withstand the family economy at their own hands. This is the reason the girl child project to educate girls created and funded as every woman should stand independent on their own legs in all walks financially or knowledgeably.

Better society:

Not just their own life if a girl from an illiterate background is educated it pushes the neighborhood and family circle to take her path. In a society, every human must have a right to make their own decisions and have the right to have the choice of life. Education gives this benefit to every human and if a woman is denied it creates an imbalance in nature. In a society of inequality, a woman must stand upright in their positions to break it education plays a vital role in it.

Economy development:

Our country has a population that stuns the world with exceeding 130 crores with a limited landmass. Among the crores of people, more than 48 percent are women making them number near half of the population. So, if women of such numbers are educated and equally given a career option it will rapidly increase the economy of a family, society, and country together.

Women education either schooling, college, practical or technical the NGO for education in India emphasize this topic clearly. As a woman is educated and has a career, she doubles the family income source which becomes an easy view to show how the economy of the country will increase.

Avoid child marriage:

Child marriage is still seen in our country and even after several campaigns and awareness it is not fully vanished. To protect a female child from underage marriage education plays a major tool as it gives them hope to survive through the world. If a girl stays home idle then the family has no ideas other than marrying them off but if they are educated it gives the family hopes that they can take of the family. If every family understands the concept that if educated their girls could take care of family both in administration as well as in economic terms together.