Explained: Which Sectors Have Increased Job Vacancies In Delhi


Hunting for career opportunities in the sectors that are doomed for years can take forever to get a job! Yes, every state in India hails in certain divisions where individuals can find work easily and follow a growth pace. For instance, Bangalore is the hub of IT jobs in the country, and every career go-getter comprehends that well. But what sectors have such vast opportunities in the capital? Where can one find a job vacancy in Delhi with increased chances of securing a position?

Let us look at results collected from the job demands raised on the WorkIndia portal, one of India’s most prominent job search engines. It hosts millions of job offers fed in by credible and promising companies. Candidates can use the brisk features on the platform to create an engaging profile and get a job. Here are the sectors in which one must start searching for a job vacancy in Delhi.

Sectors With Highest Job Vacancies In Delhi: A Thread

Building a career in booming sectors has its perks and benefits. One does not have to struggle much to land a job opportunity in these fields. The scenario of Delhi paints the given picture with these sectors coming up on the top with the highest job vacancies.

Digital Marketing & Management

The demand for content developers, writers, graphic designers and digital marketing experts in this field is increasing rapidly. With the growth of digital platforms, almost all kinds of companies are starting digital marketing campaigns, leading to a surge in demand for eligible candidates.

Information Technology

Noida is a growing IT hub of Delhi and is always active in generating vacancies in different departments. Java and PHP developers, software engineers and HR professionals can find a job vacancy in Delhi in this sector.

Healthcare Sectors

Delhi is in the recovery phase post the second wave of COVID-19, and the demand for nurses and doctors is still high in the capital. Demand for ground staff and other frontline workers is also high in clinics and hospitals. One can also search for the position of a lab technician in the city.

Retail Markets

The restoration of retail markets is also in full swing, creating demand for sales executives, cash collectors, etc. From regular retail stores to supermarkets, there are openings in different departments for both experienced and fresher candidates. All one has to do is conduct a thorough search online to discover the availability.

Construction Sector

Delhi is on its way to becoming a smart city with huge developments progressing in the real estate sector. Therefore, the demand for workers as well as professionals in the construction sector is also high. Brokers and sales managers can look for better opportunities in this sector.

Online Teaching Sector

The pandemic led our country to utilise and adopt online teaching as an option to pursue education. Almost every school, college and university is still hosting online classes for the students to continue their studies. This turn of tables is creating demand and a job vacancy in Delhi for online teachers and tutors, especially for online learning giants.

Travel & Tourism

Yes, it may sound confusing to look for opportunities in the tourism sector, but this sector is opening up steadily. The sector is creating demand for travel executives and agents who can convince people to take a break from their hectic lives and go on a vacation as most of the exotic countries are opening gates for tourists.

All these sectors are helping candidates find a job vacancy in Delhi without facing a tough time. But the crucial part is proving the eligibility for these jobs to the recruiters and crack the interviews. So, one must register his account on the job search engine and start preparing for interviews!