How to Prepare for an Online Job Interview


Interviews never get easier. Still now, after experiencing tens of interviews, I get something new every time. Online interviews with recruitment agencies are now have streamlined all over the world. Let’s discuss some elements that you can prepare before the interview to make the process a little better.

1. Examine All the Equipment

Before the D-day, check all the equipment to confirm that those are in working condition. Check the webcam, router, mic, headphones, keyboard, mouse, make sure everything works as it should.

2. Select Appropriate Location

The best location for an interview is where you have ample lighting and is secluded. Choose a plain background or use a wall with bright colours as the background for your interview. Having too much bright light can develop shadows and look blunt and fake while in an interview. Choose a location where the interviewer can see from waist up.

3. Have a Backup Ready

Don’t rely on the primary computer to always back you up. Prep another laptop or at least a tablet to fetch it if anything goes wrong. Tell your interviewer beforehand about the setup.

4. Conduct a Research

Conduct thorough research on the company and the interviewer if possible. Don’t save your breath on this part. Prepare common interview questions as well as the specific questions that your proposal brings forward. Let yourself know why you are the best candidate for the job.

5. Dress Professionally

Dressing professionally should be a major part of your interview preparation. Remember not to wear anything suggestive or flashy. During the research, figure out what is the dress code for the profession you are being interviewed for. In general, casual business dresses tend to work just fine.

6. Remember to Smile

Let your interviewer see you smiling and making eye contact, but don’t be creepy. Maintain a strong posture throughout the interview.

7. Don’t Look at the Monitor

Look at the camera. Why would you look at your nervous face when you can look at the webcam! This helps maintain eye contact too.

8. converse with the Interviewer

During the online job interview, try talking to the interviewer. Don’t just answer them. Try tempting them to like you by having a conversation about your potential job. Makes you look interested.

9. Follow-up

If your interviewer has notified you of a date and that has come and gone past. Follow up with the interviewer. And if you get a professional email rejecting you, thank them and move on.