Top # Unanswered Questions about Leadership Coaching


What is Leadership Coaching? 

Leadership is often thought of as something innate and ingrown. We often hear people say – ‘Leaders are born not made.’ This could not be further from the truth. Leadership is a ‘skill’ and can be learned like any other skill. It needs practice to sharpen and strengthen it as well. This is why Leadership coaching is so relevant to the world today.  Anyone who works as a team leader, supervisor managers in an organization can benefit from Leadership Coaching. Most leadership training programs help individuals in evaluating their current leadership skills and in building newer capabilities to lead. Want to know more about it? 

What are the benefits of Leadership Coaching?

There are many benefits of Leadership Coaching. Both leaders and their associated organizations benefit from a leadership coaching program. Leadership coaching programs give the leaders clarity of how to achieve their vision of becoming a successful leader and their teams benefit from their abilities to knit the team into a cohesive unit. Leadership Coaching is as relevant for someone leading a small team to someone leading a Multi -location organisation. 

Why do organizations need Leadership coaching?

Leaders play a significant role in the growth of any organization. Most organisations find that people promoted to leadership positions often flounder in taking their team along to its stated mission. The problem is even more accentuated in case of CXO level leaders as the organisation is depending on them for success and profitability. To avoid losses due to lack of leadership skills, it is important that organisations build Leadership Training and Coaching into their succession programs. As leaders advance on the corporate ladder, so should they grow in their ability to lead a team and the organisation as a whole.  Leaders should go through leadership coaching for increasing their and their team’s productivity, tapping their highest potential, and opening their minds to new ways of leading.

Who can benefit from Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is beneficial for:

  • People who wish to evolve as better leaders with advanced leadership skills.
  • It is imperative for ambitious high-ranking managers who wish to take up advanced leadership positions in an organization.

It also turns out to be advantageous for individuals who are already in leadership roles in an organization, for example, a CXO of a company. The course helps them prosper as leaders while helping their team to work towards stated goals in a cohesive manner. 

What are the program details of leadership coaching? 

Leadership coaching engagement varies in duration from 6-8 months. Organizations usually engage for a minimum of 6 one-on-one sessions between the Leaders and the coaches that is customizable depending on the requirements of the leaders and their organisation.

The program steps are as follows:

  • In the beginning, the Coach has an initial discussion with the leaders, understands their requirements, and determines the end goal. They together thrive to attain the same during the journey together.
  • The program begins with one-to-one coaching sessions; people do have an option to evaluate the progress mid-way or do it at the final time at the end of the engagement. Doing a mid-way evaluation helps the leaders understand their progression graph better.

How do leaders benefit from Leadership coaching?

Leaders besides having the technical know-how need to possess leadership and motivational skills too. Leadership coaching programs make leaders better at being able to motivate the team towards a shared goal and vision leading to team as well as organisational success. 

Ways in which leaders can gain from leadership coaching?

    • Leaders identify their distinct style of leadership through Leadership Coaching.
    • Leadership coaching helps leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
    • Leaders also equip themselves with skills to engage with the different personalities that make up a team and an organisation. It makes them more aware of the individual motivation of a team member as well as provides them awareness of their own behaviour vis a vis others in the team.  
  • Leadership coaching guides the leaders to become the pivot of the team, motivating and engaging a team to move towards their shared goal and thus provide success for an organisation.  
  • Leaders are also made aware of the ways in which teams work and the pitfalls that may hinder a team’s performance. This allows leaders to take steps to avoid such problems

All in all Leadership Coaching is beneficial for leaders at all levels of the organisation.