A new approach to attain the holistic learning is by taking up the program


Reforms in education is the need of the hour

Time in the modern world has been changing so fast, with improved access to technology which has been bringing up tangible results too fast too soon. With improvements all over the place in almost every field catching up to the pace has been the main concern of the present gen X kids. However some smart moms and dad have taken the education system of kids very seriously. Many schools offering the idea of holistic learning laying individual emphasis has caught the parents’ attention.

  • The program like 11 plus tutor has been introduced so far to reach the education needs of the kids in the present world.  they are either a 20 or 11 month programs which have the kids being put up with the intense training programs where they can be thought the essence of subjects like English comprehension , verbal and non verbal reasoning , creative writing are few among the conventional offering of this tuition programmed in addition to the regular subjects of Maths and English. What is most interesting about this program is that they make the kids use their own skills on reasoning and problem solving and not just in context to any situation but in general as a whole. Which in much more applicable in real life situations and just specific to any topic of education.
  • At the tuition program of 11 plus, in addition to the work in classrooms, they even offer children practice worksheets with a detailed feedback on their overall  They are also beneficial the kids in a way that through their journey in the learning-teaching cycle is improved by the help of feedback.

How the feedback works

With almost 32 assignments given to the kids in a month with an average of two full scale assessments being taken in a week adds up to the  feedback cycle where the overall learning and performance curve is under radar. With weekly reports being generated the parents are much more willing to go forward with the programmed as it allows them to track their kids on where they are lacking and the clear cut areas of improvement are allows in the open to be rectified. All the limited number of kids per class that being only 10 has the opportunity for the tutor to give their full attention on each kid spend quality time in improving how they function and overcoming the areas where they lack together. This when viewed as a graph every month for 11 or 12 depending on the programmed they choose of 4 or 5 has a tremendous impact on the upbringing of the kids. Not only this teachers being well qualified has often added up to the success rate of the programs with their cumulative experience rates going as high as 40 years no need to worry about the kid anymore.

Conclusion- good education through 11 plus is one of the best gifts for the child’s future.