What are the roles and responsibility of electrical spotters?


Craving for a career in the Australian construction industry drove many enthusiasts to enrol in an electrical spotter course to acquire proper training and hone their skills in taking the liabilities of a spotter in any relevant site. At the end of the course program, the centre from where the candidates enrol dispatches the Electrical spotters ticket that is quite similar to having a license to work professionally.

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Now, let’s dig into the roles and responsibilities of electrical spotters-

  • The key role of the electrical spotters is to ensure safety in the construction sites. Though they are not electricians they take care of the open or exposed electrical wires and aware others of them by putting some large signs or by guiding them thoroughly.
  • On hiring the electrical spotter at any construction site, considering the Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), a proper induction about the site is given so that the professional has a thorough understanding of the construction going on there and how the workers can remain safe amid scattered electric lines or water lines.
  • To enhance safety at sites, the Australian construction industry hires electrical spotters. In the presence of the electrical spotters, the rate of accidents at sites has reduced unlike before.
  • If you start working as a spotter, first of all, you have to inspect the nude wires or the exposed electrical or water pipelines. Considering it, guide the crane drivers or truck drivers to move slowly through a different alley to avoid accidents.
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