Important Things To Know About The RGC Certificate

RGC Certificate

You must complete Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) training if your profession involves using gambling machines. The RCG course strongly emphasises safety (harm minimisation in gaming environments) and instructs participants on recognising gambling problems and addiction. Serving alcohol while working at casinos might be rewarding. The work is enjoyable and fulfilling. However, formal bartending education alone will not be sufficient if you aspire to be in that position. So enrol for the RCG course at Edway.

The Following Topics Are Addressed In The RCG Course:

  • problematic gambling
  • reduction of damage
  • gambling laws

Please be advised that additional training may be required for your role. This is because the foundation for your eligibility to sell, serve, or supply alcoholic beverages, for instance, is laid forth by your RSA training. Additionally, with L&GNSW approval, registered training organisations allow RSA and RCG competency card training and certificate issuing (an “authorised training provider”).

Course Information for RCG

As part of the credentials required by the local authorities, anyone intending to open a large casino or bar or looking to work in such an atmosphere must enrol in RCG courses in Sydney. Along with adhering to the law’s regulations, operating a busy bar and a gambling establishment requires a specific set of talents. 

Here are a few of the main justifications for thinking about enrolling in RCG courses.

Nowadays, more teenagers are willing to gamble, which makes it obvious that they could not have the necessary background in the gambling industry. This would imply that if fights break out, they will get hurt. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm their age before allowing them entry. One of the fundamental skills learners receive from RCG courses is this one. As a result, it becomes simple to spot minors who aren’t allowed in such a setting. Additionally, one learns how to kick out underage players without harming them or making them feel unfairly treated.

Negative conflicts and irresponsible gambling behaviours may result in injuries. One of the topics taught in the RCG courses is this. The student is allowed to study a variety of crimes that are frequently perpetrated in this setting, as well as the related punishments meted out to those who break the law. This knowledge aids in spreading awareness among others of the importance of remaining composed and rational while gaming. It follows that most employers will prefer those who have completed this course. It only takes a few hours, and upon completion, certification is given.

If your job responsibilities include using gaming equipment, RCG training is required. RCG training is relevant for:

  • Those who hold a complete hotel license
  • secretaries of a club with a license
  • personnel that work with gaming machines
  • employees who distribute prizes
  • personnel that serve or patrol the area with the gaming machines.

advantages of Edway’s RSA and RCG course

  • One-day course: These certificate programs are beneficial if you’re a professional looking to raise your profile. Most seminars are held on weekends, allowing active soldiers to enrol.
  • Makes you qualify for the job: Because only those having an RSA or RCG certificate are permitted to work in roles involving the sale of alcoholic beverages or in casinos in Australia, taking one of these courses qualifies you for employment upon course completion.
  • Photo card with a 5-year validity period: If you complete the course, you will be given a photo card with a 5-year validity period.
  • The course provided by Edway is efficient and moves you closer to landing your desired career with no postage cost. Although the course fee is reasonable, it guarantees that there will be no additional expenses after the course.
  • The RSA and RCG course does not require pre-course review. Expert faculty members will help you through. You will be led through the course and assisted by knowledgeable instructors. Since everything will be covered in class, your schedule won’t be as stressful.

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